In Dancing Theology in Fetish Boots Lisa Isherwood writes, "What theology emerges when one of these new beginnings dons a dildo and looks for God in the arse of her male friends? ... What wonderful theology theses playful, lusty lovers could produce if they took Marcella's advice and went to bed for a week and then wrote the genderfuck 'Song of Songs.' ...  Now is the time to find an honest voice uncorrupted by theological niceties."

Our stories must be told.  What we don't say, we don't see; when what remains unseen is enfleshed, Divine human diversity, we cannot see ourselves in G-d(s) and begin to believe that we, ourselves, are unseeable.

This page will house the stories and anecdotes of people who have transed themselves and/or G-d(s).  I intend them to be theologically relevant while honoring individual experiences.  To share a story, please email.  You'll keep the copyright and be attributed on the site.

“The role of sexual stories in theology has been to repeat and reinforce (hetero)sexual imaginations beyond naturalization processes by divinizing them, but also by concealing the questioning of reality and obstructing the creative imagination to find alternative ways of life.”   

--Marcella Althaus-Reid,Indecent Theology, 126.